Stadero: who?

A few people started surfing this website and asked for the significance of the name Stadero. As a matter of fact I was nicknamed Stadero since my first years when I was graduating in medicine at the university, as early as in 1976. My medical physics professor named me Stadero and since then I was “Stadero” for all the research group members there. When I moved abroad my family name or name were used instead, and Stadero was quite abandoned. Only very recently I came back in contact with my old professor (now about to retire) and he immediately welcomed me with a confidential “Ciao, Stadero!”. I had a flush in my heart recalling those old times when I was a young (and strange since then) medical student working in the medical physics institute at Rome University. I was developing an electron spin resonance instrument for chemical analysis of acqueous samples with a 600 gauss resistive magnet at 2.4 GHz. No doubt, I had to name my newly developed website “Stadero”, too. Stadero: it’s me.

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