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Take your time to attend this very interesting round table on Human Factors Engineering in biomedical devices’ development.

Compute two FFTs at once.

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Take a look at the Teaching pills page on this website. Very useful infos available for the novice as well for the experienced bioengineer.

Stadero: who?

A few people started surfing this website and asked for the significance of the name Stadero. As a matter of fact I was nicknamed Stadero since my first years when I was graduating in medicine at the university, as early as in 1976. My medical physics professor named me Stadero and since then I was “Stadero” for all the research group members there. When I moved abroad my family name or name were used instead, and Stadero was quite abandoned. Only very recently I came back in contact with my old professor (now about to retire) and he immediately welcomed me with a confidential “Ciao, Stadero!”. I had a flush in my heart recalling those old times when I was a young (and strange since then) medical student working in the medical physics institute at Rome University. I was developing an electron spin resonance instrument for chemical analysis of acqueous samples with a 600 gauss resistive magnet at 2.4 GHz. No doubt, I had to name my newly developed website “Stadero”, too. Stadero: it’s me.

Hello world!

Welcome to Stadero’s website! This is my first post.

This website is devoted to my institutional activity here at the HEIG-VD Institut d’Automatisation Industrielle. On these pages my teaching, research and publishing activities will be presented to share results and to foster the advancement of technology and knowledge. TOC, web, tech, book alerting will be also posted here.

English is the official language of this website. French, German, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian are tolerated although rarely used. Should a post or comment, written in another language than English, be of major interest, a translation in English will be added soon.

Thanks for your interest!